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Use case 1c - SAP and Salesforce - Bulk


The following use cases are covered:

  • Bulk transfer of Accounts, Contacts, Products from SAP S/4HANA to Salesforce Sales Cloud.
  • Bulk transfer of Accounts and Products from SAP ECC to Salesforce Sales Cloud.

This use case relies on the system APIs provided in Use case 1a.

Before you begin

bulb.png The Getting Started with MuleSoft Accelerators guide provides general information on getting started with the accelerator components. This includes instructions on setting up your local workstation for configuring and deploying the applications.

High-level architecture


Systems involved

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud

Setup instructions

SAP ECC BAPIs must be set up. The setup required for the mule runtime to communicate with SAP ECC system can be found in the prerequisites section.

SAP S/4HANA should have the following APIs enabled with read and write access for the corresponding objects. Refer to Use case 1a for details.

Mule Projects

Use the README instructions in the following Mule templates to set up, deploy, and run these projects.

Note: Deploy the object-specific system API along with the process API to start the data sync. The process API properties must be correctly set up to point to the system APIs.

The bulk APIs move the data in batches.

Accelerator Experience APIs

Accelerator Process APIs

Accelerator Bulk System APIs

System APIs for batch data retrieval
Refer Use case 1 for details regarding system APIs.

Sequence diagram