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Data lakes integration SAP S4HANA setup guide

Custom CDS View for Inventory Management

The following describes how to create a custom CDS View in S/4HANA Cloud to retrieve storage location information.

Step 1: Creating a CDS View

  1. Sign in to your S/4HANA Cloud instance and look for the Custom CDS View app.
  2. Click Create and complete the name of the new custom CDS view. For example:


  3. Select I_StorageLocation as the Primary Data Source:



  4. At the Elements step, click the Add button and select 'Elements':


  5. When the pop-up screen appears, select the element 'Storage Location Name':



  6. When finished, click the Publish button.

Step 2: Creating a custom communication scenario

Once the CDS view is published, you must create a custom communication scenario to allow the consumption of the view.

To create:

  1. Look for the Custom Communication Scenario app and click New:


  2. Define a name and description for the new communication scenario:


  3. On the Inbound Services tab, click the Add button and look for the CDS view that was created in the previous steps:




  4. When finished, click the Publish button.

Step 3: Creating a communication arrangement

The last step is to create a communication arrangement for the communication scenario.

To create:

  1. Go to the Communication Arrangement app and click the Create button:


  2. Look for the custom communication scenario from the previous step and click the Create button:


  3. Select or create a new communication system, which contains the technical user needed for basic authentication, and then click the Save button.