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MuleSoft’s Anypoint Connector for X12 provides complete support for parsing, validating and generating EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) messages following ANSI ASC X12 standards, as well as the X12 HIPAA versions with SNIP Level 1 and Level 2 validations.

This connector leverages EDI Schema Language (ESL) to maintain the X12 standard specifications at a transaction set, segment, and element levels. The connector also provides the ability to customize the schema definitions to accommodate any deviations from X12 definitions your trading partner or your organization may require.

This connector enables you to perform the below operations:

  • X12 Read
    • Parse incoming X12 transactions from your B2B trading partners.
    • Validate the transactions against X12 specifications to ensure compliance with the standards.
    • Transform the received X12 transactions to your enterprise message formats such as JSON, XML leveraging Dataweave transformer.
    • Generate technical (TA1) and functional (997's / 999's) acknowledgements to be sent back to your trading partners.
  • X12 Write
    • Transform your enterprise business messages into X12 transactions to be sent to your B2B trading partners.
    • Apply validation rules to ensure compliance with X12 standards.
    • Manage the generation of X12 control numbers, configurations for delimiters on the generated EDI messages.

Associated Use Cases

Use this connector to:

  • Implement end to end order-to-cash workflow using the X12 connector to manage the entire process from receiving purchase orders, to handling invoices and payment reconciliation, while leveraging the power of X12 acknowledgements to keep your processes on track.
  • Manage the full lifecycle of your supply chain operations by integrating with 3rd party logistics providers (3PL’s) by exchanging logistics service requests, load tenders, and receiving shipment statuses improving your supply chain operational efficiency, leveraging the X12 transactions for supply chain and warehouse management.
  • Automate employee benefit eligibility, coverage, and benefit enquiry by leveraging standardized X12 HIPAA EDI documents to exchange employee healthcare information securely between your organization and your healthcare provider.

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