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The JDBC Endpoint implements a transport channel to connect your Mule application to any JDBC-compatible database. You can implement the JDBC endpoint as an inbound endpoint with a one-way exchange pattern, or as an outbound endpoint configured for either a one-way or request-response exchange pattern.

Use the JDBC Endpoint to perform create, read, update, and delete operations (often referred to by the acronym CRUD) on database records. If you are using the EE version, it can also invoke a procedure stored in a database, such as creating new tables dynamically.

Note: With the release of Anypoint Studio May 2014 with 3.5.0 Runtime, and its new Database Connector, the JDBC Connector has been deprecated. Applications that use the JDBC Connector will continue to work with the 3.5.0 Enterprise Runtime, but the connector is no longer available in the Studio palette to add to applications.

Access the documentation for the Database Connector to take advantage of the newly-designed functionality.


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Published onJul 26, 2017
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