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DataWeave is a simple, yet powerful tool to query and transform data inside Mule code. It provides JSON-like language that's built to make writing transformations as fast as possible and highly maintainable over the long term. It supports a variety of transformations, from simple 1 to 1 mappings, to more elaborate mappings including normalization, grouping, joins, partitioning, pivoting, and filtering.

The DataWeave language is tightly integrated with the Mule Runtime and Anypoint Studio. There is a DataWeave Transformer that allows you to use the language to query and transform data. It fully supports DataSense, allowing you to leverage metadata from connectors, schemas and sample documents to more easily design your transformations. DataSense provides content assist while you are coding and scaffolds your mappings to help make writing transformations fast and easy.

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Created byMuleSoft Organization
Published onJul 25, 2017
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